Dan Spitz Launches DII Band #Autism Awareness

by Spitz. Average Reading Time: almost 3 minutes.

 “A New Music For A New Era” .. Dan Spitz is now playing a Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar Full Time ! 

From a three-time Grammy nominated (for songs co-written & co-produced) multi-Platinum recording artist who’s sold upwards of 20 million albums (Anthrax), and who’s had his song chosen by NASA to be played on the Mars Rover in 2012 alongside only 9 other artists (such as Frank Sinatra and the Beatles) comes Dan Spitz’sreinvention of his art and breaking barriers never before accomplished within any music areas.

“The DII Band Duo is Dan Spitz on Weissenborn lap slide guitar and vocalist Don Chaffin.”

This rare ancient hollow neck Weissenborn instrument is played by few, and mastered by but a handful. In quiet seclusion, and secrecy kept by many helping him achieve his goals behind the scenes, Dan Spitz put away his electric guitar for what seems to be a completion and relentlessly un-learned old skills, to acquire new ones. He now travels a musical pathway that is unique to The DII Band Duo.

“The music is extremely emotional, powerful and brings forth heart felt human emotion, real life pain and struggles directly from within what Dan Spitz walks each day of his existence as a Messianic Believer In Jesus – the emotion of the Blues, the slide guitar riffs reminiscent of some of his musical Blues heroes, the familiarity of some of the greatest singers ever to grace the planet, and the power of Thrash unleashed from one of the co-creators of that genre who is always breaking new boundaries.”

With long-time musical partner Don Chaffin’s soulful and heart-felt singing, the listener will be taken on a lyrical journey that will touch the soul. The sound from the DII Duo is of none present, past, or can be duplicated into the future. Simply a very moving and touching live event to witness, with lyrical content that will touch both a woman’s heart so deeply she might weep tears of many emotions, and a Man’s soul can be changed forever.

“The DII Duo takes the Blues base that Heavy Metal was derived from and transforms it into “A New Music For A New Era.” 

“The DII Band will be releasing a 6 song EP along with 3 masterpiece videos, directed by Don Chaffin. A few songs revisit the past catalog of Dan Spitz work, but bring forth a new sound. The others, originals, are an emotional walk through life’s struggles and truths based on the word of God.”

The Duo have also written a song “Little Voices” that is radio friendly for the Autism community, to bring to the forefront the daily grind experienced by Autism families. It also brings Mr. Spitz’ real life daily personal struggles and deep love for his Autistic twins directly to his audience in real life fashion, truth in pictures and truth in words. This is what makes this artist on a mission get up (or, in this case, to sit down on a stool and play) and bring his pain and love to you.The Blues brings tears of truth. The song “Little Voices” will shine a light on a bonding no one can break. Love.

The DII Band will be on a full-time live touring schedule with private appearances available for

both Autism and Luxury Timepiece avenues to help spread the Awareness of Autism, now at

epidemic levels. The current CDC statistic of 2014 for Autism is:

1 in 42 boys, 1 in 68 children

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