“A 2 Piece Band That Hits Like A Soulful Freight Train”

Michaela Paige – Vocals
Dan Spitz – Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, Octave Mandolin

PS represents musical art Born from God above to enlighten the world through Christian Faith based worship lyrics.

Paige-Spitz (or as they like to be called, PS) is a multi instrumental, mainly all acoustic duo, who’s first 6 song ep’s music is played solely on rare instrument’s called ” Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar”, by three time Grammy nominated multi platinum recording artist Dan Spitz, co-founding member and lead guitarist of the band Anthrax, alongside his musical companion singer/songwriter, radio show host, visionary and philanthropist, Michaela Paige on all vocals.

“It’s all about seeing two artists who clearly belong together live and raw, that can produce the amount of emotional sounds that touch another’s heart in a way words can not express. We can sit on your mother’s living room furniture and play with nothing but one of my instruments, a piece of hand blown English crystal in my hand to slide with and Michaela’s voice, or play to a massive festival crowd where heads are not countable. It’s real, and back to raw emotional musicianship that’s been missing for far too long, and coming back full circle by so many.”

Thank you all for helping our calling and our cause.  PS