Dan Spitz is a three time Grammy nominated multi Platinum recording artist, film.television.game music scoring composer, mixer and producer selling more than 30 million albums and accumulation in partnership of more than 3 Billion Dollars in revenue stream for songs written . co.written . composed scoring & co-produced.

He is the 1st heavy metal artist to have his music played on 2 planets (Mars & Earth). Dan Spitz is the first heavy metal artist to be in the top ten music charts on 2 planets. NASA chose Mr.Spitz’ recorded song about “TIME” to awaken the NASA Lunar Mars Curiosity Rover 2012 (and all Martians) making Dan an intergalactic recording artist . producer . composer . He in the company of only 9 others alongside the Beatles and Frank Sinatra.

Dan is also a world renowned Swiss Certified Master Watchmaker of Mechanical Complications Specialist. He has worked on Swiss luxury timepiece masterpieces not normally allowed for an American Watchmaker and holds some of the most coveted Swiss degrees in micro mechanical engineering.

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Dan is a single Father to identical mirror image twin boys with Autism and two beautiful daughters.

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Mr.Spitz is a legendary Composer currently using cutting edge techniques  to deliver the sounds of a musical generation and genre’ of music he is responsible for creating called Thrash Metal. His music and musical style is implemented in television commercials, film, gaming, and sales of a broad range of products with a target demographic that has no boundaries. His sound creation simply sells what it is attached to.

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