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The worlds only Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist & Multiple Grammy nominated musician walking our planet.

Anthrax co-founding member. We could probably end the biography right there but Dan Spitz is one damn good example of how Faith, perseverance and sheer  determination can produce action that touches lives.

He has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide for songs he has co-written and co-produced, been nominated for three Grammy Awards, crossed the globe on more than fifty arena tours spanning 32 countries on five continents, released ten studio albums, upwards of another 50 derivatives of them, has achieved a plentiful amount of gold and platinum RIAA certified albums (others outside the USA now approaching 100) and is also one of the worlds most coveted and unique Swiss certified Master Watchmaker of Mechanical Complications Specialist holding degrees and pedigrees  from multiple countries no American Master Watchmaker has before him.

Dan’s song was chosen by NASA to be played on planet MARS to awaken the NASA Curiosity Rover 2012. This one event made him the worlds first Intergalactic heavy metal recording artist who’s music was played on two planets consecutively and cracked the Top 10 music charts on two planets. Once again leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and paving new ways. The top 10 chosen songs to be played on Mars put Dan in the company of Frank Sinatra and The Beatles.

Recently CNN’s Great Big Story has done a short documentary on Dan’s Watchmaking and unique cross platform accomplishments.

Anthrax was the first Heavy Metal bands to fuse Hip Hop with Heavy Metal. Anthrax broke all the stereotypical rules of music and Dan Spitz was the co-writer and co-producer of every single song and album he played on since inception until the day he walked off his last stage. Lets not forget Dan Spitz is also the co founding member of another world renowned heavy metal band Overkill with songs of his penning on their debut album.

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The worlds only Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist & Multiple Grammy nominated musician walking our planet.

While on his tour bus in 1993 Dan Spitz’ life changed forever when he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. As an Orthodox Jew of the Levite tribe this event instantly and forever changed his path.

Soon thereafter in 1995 Dan left his band when they were still on top and walked off his last arena stage (so he thought). Selling millions of Cd’s, countless platinum albums, platinum video’s, platinum movie soundtracks, his songs playing in the Guitar Hero games, as well as three Grammy nominations for music he co-wrote and co-produced, he left music in his past. He started tearing the stereos out of his cars, removing all secular music from his house of all forms and gave all of his touring and studio guitars away to hang on the walls of the Hard Rock Cafes around the globe. Dan Spitz surely had a life changing moment but don’t think for one minute he hasn’t taken lefts, rights and uppercuts since this day. It’s been both a blessing and a brutal ride.

After his departure from Anthrax in 1995, he set foot on getting the paper degrees necessary to complete his knowledge base in micro-mechanical engineering and micro-electrical engineering, to become a Swiss trained Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist. After completing a four year study in half the normal time expected at the Bulova School of Watchmaking (breaking a 53 year old record of completion time) and countless apprenticeships for complicated watches the president of the school helped to land Dan a full paid scholarship to the coveted WOSTEP School of Watchmaking in Neuchatel, Switzerland (the equivalence of a Harvard degree in Switzerland’s land of of Watchmakers).

“The same passion that I used to have for Anthrax, I have for watchmaking.” says Spitz

“Anthrax is one of the most kick-ass American metal bands of all time. They have outlasted every trend to come along in the last twenty years, and are still relevant today.”

Vinnie Paul., PANTERA.

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The worlds only Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist & Multiple Grammy nominated musician walking our planet.

Dan’s Grandfather (“Pop-pop” as Dan called him) had him at the watchmaker bench at a mere young age of 8 years with mechanical timepieces.”Ever since my Pop-pop showed me the inside of a Patek Philippe as a young child I could never see straight again. I fixed everything in my house I could get my hands on. I even hand built the Marshall amplifiers for the reunion Anthrax tour with my own hands.”

Being one of only ten of less students chosen from the world each year for attendance to learn and master the most complex mechanical timepieces known to mankind. A school who’s curriculum is based on the slowest student catching up to the fastest student’s mechanical aptitude and abilities to solve mathematical calculus problems that could pose a vulcan mind melt on mere mortals. The school doors are open 24/7 giving the students ambition and drive to succeed a new found meaning. At this level of watchmaking the amount of time to complete something on the Watchmaker’s bench has no bearing. These are works of human art and micro mechanics that are usually so complex in their construction it borders on insanity. Dan was also taught by the WOSTEP curriculum’s inventor.

“It was quite awesome to work on what I consider a Formula 1 race car engine that fits on a humans wrist each day I was breathing over there. A human work of art at it’s fullest potential with time and money having absolutely no interference on craftsmanship, this blows my mind.” Dan Spitz

Funny coincidence? He went from shredding his guitar on the song “Got The Time,” writing a platinum RIAA awarded album titled “Persistence of Time,” and collaborating with the Hip Hop legendary band Public Enemy who’s infamous member Flavor Flav stood side by side with Dan wearing a giant clock around his neck in videos played on MTV to becoming one of the world’s most coveted Swiss trained Master Watchmakers of Complications on the planet.

“Anthrax is, to me, one of the most influential bands of my generation, albeit one of the most underrated, with no real reason to be. They are concise, they are fast, they’re just all-around fuckin bad-ass. Whether they had Belladonna or Bush, they remain one of the best bands out there, bar none.”

Corey Taylor., SLIPKNOT.

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The worlds only Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist & Multiple Grammy nominated musician walking our planet.

Owning two private service centers in the USA, countless hours at the watchmaking bench working on vintage timepieces that that go back centuries, personally hand manufacturing parts long lost and not obtainable today himself using precision micro machines and working non-stop towards his goals of ripping apart extremely complex luxury watches he worked like a madman.

The word of Dan’s rare Watchmaking talent spreads back to Switzerland again and brings a phone call from the world famous watchmaking and jewelry company Chopard.  One of the most powerful people in the watchmaking world, Mr. Thierry Chaunu. The dire need for a Master Watchmaker with his credentials is not alone as there is an extreme shortage worldwide of Master Watchmakers of Dan’s Swiss pedigree and abilities. After speaking to Mr. Thierry Chaunu the President of Chopard and former president of Cartier Dan agrees to be Chopard’s sole and only “Watchmaker of Complications Specialist” for the entire North American continent. He was also hired to teach and train all other Watchmakers for their less complicated models.

Dan was to be the first American in the company’s century and a half existence to ever be allowed into the masterpieces they produce solely in-house and complications considered for Swiss service only. Before this all timepieces of this caliber ($50,000-$1,000,000) were solely sent to the manufacturer in Switzerland. Even to simply set the time correctly on perpetual calendar models. They do not sell any internal parts for these timepieces to anyone. At this level of complications the tools to disassemble the mechanics are actually kept in a safe after working hours, even in Switzerland’s Complicated Master Watchmaker rooms. It could take more than a year for a Master Watchmaker to learn the ins and outs of one particular complicated timepiece within a manufacturer’s line.

After a year of working closely at their service center on New York City’s Park Avenue, in complete armed seclusion from society of course, completing Chopard’s training and diplomas in their Switzerland factory in Geneva, and being the first ever American to work on their Quantieme Perpetual Calendar Retrograde Flyback Chronographs in the USA.

“The world of music, to me, is about pioneers and ground breakers doing bold and daring things in the face of critics and nay-sayers, only to have everybody snatch credit when that innovation is over stood as the fabric of the terrain. There is no question in my mind regarding my friends Anthrax in this regard, dragging me along in the process of making history. They pushed the envelope, and they set a high bar on killer shows and max-throttled songs that have not only entertained, but inspired, as well.”


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The worlds only Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist & Multiple Grammy nominated musician walking our planet.

Anthrax Reunion Tour:

On or around 2006 Mr.Spitz was called to duty for a reunion of the original Anthrax members to play to sold out arenas once again. Returning briefly to bask in the limelight of success with his band mates of Anthrax from 2005-2008 Dan had to step away from the Master Watchmaker bench and pick up his guitar to send his love of music to his countless fans. This was no small feat to say “yes” to when asked by his former band mates. Leaving an entire second career behind temporarily of this magnitude and accomplishment was a very hard decision to make.

Festivals in Europe with attendance of 50,000 to 250,000 were normal occurrences once again for Dan and his band.

Post Anthrax Reunion Tour:

Shortly after the birth of his twin boys, Dan was contacted by his long time friend and former President of both Cartier and Chopard, Mr.Thierry Chaunu, who had taken a new Presidential position at the new luxury brand Leviev. Dan agrees to be the sole Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist for all of North America for the new luxury brand Leviev. Owned by one of the richest men in the world and the richest Isreali citizen, Leviev global is also the World’s largest producer of diamonds and mines the largest diamonds known to mankind.Working on human works of mechanical art in his private service center for large manufacturers of luxury timepieces (as well as for private collectors) is a dream come true for Dan.

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) & Dan Spitz (Anthrax) Join Forces:

Red Lamb was a new band collaborative effort coming from Dan Spitz and Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) that launches a sound that represents the struggle, the determination and fight within human flesh to succeed and overcome. Together they have sold around 80,000,000 albums and acquired approximately 15 Grammy nominations and one Grammy. A band like no other on a mission like no other before them. Once again Mr.Spitz is paving uncharted territory.

Dan is a Father to identical mirror image twin boys with Autism who were NOT born with Autism, as well as his two daughters.  The decision to use his God given gifts of music and TIME  to bring awareness globally to this disorder and to show the world the strength of Christ within this Orthodox Jewish believer. A first for the music industry at this level.

Post Red Lamb:

From the noise of loud amplifiers blasting on arena stages to the quiet silence of the tic-toc of a mechanical vintage timepiece coming back to life because of his love and passion for his art Dan Spitz is truly a one and only unique individual of many challenging accomplishments. The worlds only Master Watchmaker of Complications Specialist and multi Grammy nominated musician walking our planet.

Dan Spitz 2016 : 

Composing for Film . Television . Gaming . Mixing & co-Producing a worship album for a Christian record label

Dan Spitz 2017 :

One more step in creating the Dan Spitz timepiece and other mechanical works of art into production.

Dan Spitz 2018:

Writing and recording new music with Grammy winning artist Scott Stapp of CREED.