Dan Spitz is a co-founding member of the legendary heavy metal band Anthrax.
All of the following music was co-written · co-produced by Dan Spitz. Total accumulative sales are over 30 million units.

riaa.pngAll CDs have earned RIAA Certification of Gold or Platinum status.

grammyGrammy Nominations:
Dan Spitz has been nominated for three (3) Grammys.

The below titles are a partial list of material in the global market that was written by Dan Spitz. If you have additional icon representations · cd releases · album realeses · video releases · movie or game titles please submit them to us and we will post them below.

anthrax bring the noise

anthrax state of euphoriaanthrax among the livinganthrax persistence of timeanthrax spreading the diseaseanthrax i'm the mananthrax attack of the killer beesanthrax armed and dangerousbeavis butthead anthrax anthrax no hitsanthrax madhouseanthrax return of the killer beesanrthax fistfull of metalanthraxanthax liveanthrax nfep

airheads adam sandler anthrax L.A.H. gold and platinum awarded

Dan Spitz Worldwide Live Performnces:
dan spitz live 2

Dan Spitz Global touring cycles:
World Tour 1984-85  · Anthrax Fistful of Metal
World Tour 1985-86  · Anthrax Spreading the Disease
World Tour 1987-88 ·  Anthrax Among the Living
World Tour 1988-89  · Anthrax State of Euphoria
World Tour 1990-92  · Anthrax Persistance of Time
World Tour 1993-95  · AnthraxSound of White Noise
Anthrax Reunion:
World Tour 2005-06  · Anthrax Anthrax Reunion

“I would like to thank all my Anthrax fans from around the world for the support and love you’ve brought me over the years. The music I make is for you. I hope it brings wondeful thoughts and fond memories to your daily life”. Daniel Spitz