Pakistani IMMIGRANT “Bono” of the middle east credits Dan Spitz to changing his life
Pakistani Immigrant Goes to a Led Zeppelin Concert, Gets Inspired to Become a Musician & Then Sells 30 Million Albums My childhood friend and IMMIGRANT Sal is one hell of impact on the world and humanity. This story begins before I helped create THRASH METAL music and shows the human ability to see no boarders. A […] Read more – ‘Pakistani IMMIGRANT “Bono” of the middle east credits Dan Spitz to changing his life’.
CNN / Great Big Story Documentary on Dan Spitz
CNN’s Great Big Story documentary on Dan Spitz A wonderful video documentary on my unique Master Watchmaking Swiss pedigree’s and my musical composing. It is a pretty amazing Read more – ‘CNN / Great Big Story Documentary on Dan Spitz’.
Dan Spitz voted the #1 Interview for the year on HODINKEE Watchmaking
Read more – ‘Dan Spitz voted the #1 Interview for the year on HODINKEE Watchmaking’.
Dan Spitz and Michaela Page (The Voice)
PS Paige-Spitz   “A 2 Piece Band That Hits Like A Soulful Freight Train” Michaela Paige – Vocals Dan Spitz – Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, Octave Mandolin PS represents musical art Born from God above to enlighten the world through Christian Faith based worship lyrics to raise global awareness of Autism […] Read more – ‘Dan Spitz and Michaela Page (The Voice)’.
Red Lamb Video “Puzzle Box”
This is my new band “Red Lamb” second video. A song to bring awareness to the Autism epidemic spreading throughout our world. Help support the first band doing something about this by being part of Red Lamb and my mission. Red Lamb “Puzzle Box” Co-Produced by Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Dan Spitz (Anthrax) All Lyrics […] Read more – ‘Red Lamb Video “Puzzle Box”’.
Dan Spitz Launches DII Band #Autism Awareness
 “A New Music For A New Era” .. Dan Spitz is now playing a Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar Full Time !  From a three-time Grammy nominated (for songs co-written & co-produced) multi-Platinum recording artist who’s sold upwards of 20 million albums (Anthrax), and who’s had his song chosen by NASA to be played on the Mars Rover in […] Read more – ‘Dan Spitz Launches DII Band #Autism Awareness’.
Dan Spitz Interview on the Alex Jones show
17 million viewers hearing about Autism …. An interview on the Alex Jones show with Me. Please do know this was Skype so the camera angle is kind of funky and the lights were killing my eyes. A momentous day for Metal meeting Autism factual truth All. . . Make a difference and watch this. Read more – ‘Dan Spitz Interview on the Alex Jones show’.
Palm Beach Post | Autism | Dan Spitz Family
A Film crew from the Palm Peach Post lived with my family for a while to produce this incredible article. A view of how my X wife and I lived each day with our struggles, love for my children, autism x2 and determination to prevail, AND to let ALL of YOU a little bit closer […] Read more – ‘Palm Beach Post | Autism | Dan Spitz Family’.
Red Lamb Tour Bus | Making A Difference For Autism Awareness
Here we go everybody. The bus wheels are rolling. A first of it’s kind for the collision of music and Autism Awareness. It has such a special meaning for the world to see. I was so blessed to have such wonderful sponsors on board for the start of a new way and path through music and […] Read more – ‘Red Lamb Tour Bus | Making A Difference For Autism Awareness’.
Dan Spitz Autism Speaks Video Spot
A wonderful spot that tells it all with me and my X wife. Read more – ‘Dan Spitz Autism Speaks Video Spot’.
Red Lamb Tour Announced
The first of the Red Lamb tours setting the first ever trend of music and Autism Awareness.     Read more – ‘Red Lamb Tour Announced’.
Dan Spitz & Family in Autism Video
My twins Brendan and Jaden and myself are in this video about the Autism spectrum. It’s from www.sheknows.com . Link to article   Read more – ‘Dan Spitz & Family in Autism Video’.
Dan Spitz in HME Magazine
  The July issue of HM Magazine has an article on Red Lamb. Red Lamb interview:     Read more – ‘Dan Spitz in HME Magazine’.
Red Lamb Video “The Cage”
This is my new band “Red Lamb” first video. RED LAMB “THE CAGE” Co-Produced by Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Dan Spitz (Anthrax) All Lyrics by Dave Mustaine and Dan Spitz All Music by Dan Spitz Mixed by Johnny K Video Production Don Chaffin Red Lamb is an American rock trio, formed in Palm Beach, Florida […] Read more – ‘Red Lamb Video “The Cage”’.
Red Lamb Info
You can find my new band Red Lamb at the following places. Please help support Autism awareness on a global level and support the first band to take action and make a difference. www.twitter.com/redlambofficial www.youtube.com/relambtv Read more – ‘Red Lamb Info’.
Tourbillon + Complications Repair
Here is another Tourbillon with multiple complications that came in. It had a few unique problems so I’ll post this one. It’s another Christophe Claret caliber (amazing execution of precision) that puts smiles on my face as I rip it down and diagnose the mysteries under all those tiny little parts. This one has some […] Read more – ‘Tourbillon + Complications Repair’.
A Pair of Double Barrel’s
  Had a pair of double barrels come in for service. One had an out of round escape wheel. I was fishing for a while as newer pieces tend to not have this problem to often. In the vintage world of repairing Pateks and VC’s it’s a daily routine. I was fighting for a while […] Read more – ‘A Pair of Double Barrel’s’.
Megadeth at the Grammy’s
My best friend Dave is up for another Grammy tonight. I think that’s like 14 times or more. Everybody in the Spitz household is praying for him to take it home ! Go Dave Go… Read more – ‘Megadeth at the Grammy’s’.
Double Barrel and Multiple Retrogrades
Here is a double barrel timepiece with a wonderful engine turned dial that came in with problems that would certainly get past most trained Watchmakers. In fact I think the customer who owns this $60,000 – $80,000 piece had it serviced outside of the company, as there are some hack marks inside the movement (and […] Read more – ‘Double Barrel and Multiple Retrogrades’.
Dr.Ruth Westheimer Vacheron Constantine
I do get a few celebrity watches in and can’t always gather the time to post them. This one is the famous television celebrity Sex Dr.s watch that we all know and adore. Kind of special to me as I was on her show with my mother once. Dr. Ruth wears a Vacheron Constantine solid 18K […] Read more – ‘Dr.Ruth Westheimer Vacheron Constantine’.
Tourbillon Repair 2 / Leviev / Christophe Claret
Here we have another Christophe Claret Tourbillon in for service. This particular one had to be disassembled down to the plates due to many problems that were deep down into the movement. It seems the timepiece had some winding problems reported by the customer of this $250,000 piece. This piece was one of the first […] Read more – ‘Tourbillon Repair 2 / Leviev / Christophe Claret’.
Paul Reed Smith Dan Spitz Headstock Original Drawings
A lot of guitar players and fans of Paul Reed Smith ( PRS ) Guitars have asked me to see the original drawings of the “Fugly” headstock I designed for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Here are two of them. The idea came from simply making a 6 in a row style headstock and stretching the […] Read more – ‘Paul Reed Smith Dan Spitz Headstock Original Drawings’.
“The 12” Rock Musical
I am currently in pre production for “The 12” Rock Musical in New York. There will also be three preview performances this weekend the 19th, 20th and 21st at The Riverspace theater in Nyack, New York. Tickets for these special preview shows and information regarding the all star Broadway cast and the show can be viewed […] Read more – ‘“The 12” Rock Musical’.
Autism Walk for Autism Speaks
Brendan, Jaden and I will be at the Autism Speaks Walk this coming Sunday (7th) if anyone would like to come say hello and get involved. Read more – ‘Autism Walk for Autism Speaks’.
Double Barrel / Perpetual Calendar Retrograde / Reserve DeMarche / Complicated Watch Repair
A double barrel timepiece with retrograde functions and perpetual calendar on the retrogrades is quite a complication. In mechanical terms this complication combination on a timepiece only 40 years ago would have taken the finest Master Watchmakers all trapped in a little room separate from the normal factory years to accomplish, by hand. Each piece […] Read more – ‘Double Barrel / Perpetual Calendar Retrograde / Reserve DeMarche / Complicated Watch Repair’.
Tourbillon Repair / Christophe Claret / Leviev
Not sure many of you get to see one the World’s most incredible Tourbillons outside of it’s case, especially inside the U.S.A. boarders. Special tools are needed just to get inside this baby. Once inside you need special tooling designed for the movement to do anything. So, if you are a Watchmaker and considering having […] Read more – ‘Tourbillon Repair / Christophe Claret / Leviev’.
The 12 / Rock Musical
I have just returned from pre production of “The 12“, . A Rock / Musical written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Robert Shenkkan ( don’t forget his Emmy nominations). This was a wonderful experience and I look forward to being part of the global touring starting in March / April that will start in performing […] Read more – ‘The 12 / Rock Musical’.
An Open Letter To My Fans
An open letter to all the wonderful fans, friends and family that has shown me so much love during this trying time. I am home and live to riff another day. For those who know me closely are quite stunned that something such as this can happen so suddenly to a person who has worked […] Read more – ‘An Open Letter To My Fans’.
Christophe Claret DualTow
Little known to most USA watch enthusiasts is the genius movement and watch manufacturing of Christophe Clare. If you have been interested in timepieces above the 50K mark you might actually be wearing one of his movements and not even know it. He has been making movements in a very secret fashion behind the scenes […] Read more – ‘Christophe Claret DualTow’.
Eterna Madison Spherodrive
Our Swiss friends at Eterna research and development have discovered an entirely new way to mount the barrel. I would love to have a rip down on this movement to see the end play between the bearing and barrel arbor after a simulated 3 years of use. Looks like the balls are ceramic as well. […] Read more – ‘Eterna Madison Spherodrive’.
Omega Speedmaster 40th
I will be talking about OmegaSpeedmaster Moon versions for years and years to come. Any version with the Lemania movement is top noch and under priced. A wonderful daily wear or weekend switch hitter if you’re in a Patek during the week and going boating or to the moon in your private rocket. Maybe just […] Read more – ‘Omega Speedmaster 40th’.
Hublot King Bang
Hublot and its genius CEO Jean Claude Biver has launched an all black ceramic case monster! The King Bang series is an entirely new design as far as I’m concerned and executed perfectly. If you are looking for a ceramic case watch you are probably familiar with the usual long waiting list from most Swiss […] Read more – ‘Hublot King Bang’.
Gefica Bi Retro Gerald Genta
If there is a watch that is “Metal” in the Swiss luxury watch arena this is it! Most of you are aware of my passion and love for fine mechanical micro miniature mechanisms, well I’m going state right here that this is the ONLY watch I salivate for right now. How’s that for an introduction? […] Read more – ‘Gefica Bi Retro Gerald Genta’.
Freak by Ulysse Nardin
Enamored by avante’ garde watches I nominate Ulysse Nardin to be given a metal of courage, honor and astonishing Watchmaking prowess for delivering the goods (as Rob Halford of Judas Priest would say). Freak is by far andlarge a watch I could work on on a daily basis at a bench in there factory in Switzerland […] Read more – ‘Freak by Ulysse Nardin’.
Corum Admirals Cup Black Hull
If you are in need of something stunning for your wrist consider the Black Hull 48 from Corum. Just announced recently, I give it my big thumbs up for every avenue of design and construction. Specifications Limited Production Reference: 753.934.95/0371 AN92 Movement: Self-winding chronograph, CO-753 Official chronometer-rating certificate (COSC) Frequency: 4Hz, 28’800 vibrations/hour 27 jewels […] Read more – ‘Corum Admirals Cup Black Hull’.
Memovox Jeager LeCoultre
The vintage Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox has crossed my bench quite possibly 500 or more times for service over the years. What you are seeing above is mainly the automatic bumper unit on my bench along with some other parts. Touching base on this movement: Automatic Bumbers x2 (I love this!) 241 pieces 18,000 bph Alarm […] Read more – ‘Memovox Jeager LeCoultre’.
Audemars Piguet and Jay Z
I just wanted to back track a bit and give credit where credit is due. I wanted to thank Audemars Piguet for stepping out of the usual stuffy Swiss ambassador area they were stuck in and somehow on a Monday morning meeting they embraced greatness. The collaborative efforts of AP and JZ simply changed an […] Read more – ‘Audemars Piguet and Jay Z’.
If you have severe arthritis, I’m not quite sure sitting at a Watchmaker bench and playing with the tourbillon cage on this Jaeger Le Coultre is for you. The gentlemen that was in charge of most of the creation of this piece is certainly very “Metal” looking. There are a few pictures of him floating […] Read more – ‘GyroTourbillon’.
Rolex oyster perpetual
When working on ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetuals it calls for extreme patience due to the smaller size of the movements parts. In addition, many testing procedures are quite different for the automatic unit on these. They are more prone to damage and not timing correctly and need to be tested on different simulators than normal […] Read more – ‘Rolex oyster perpetual’.
Watchmaker Bench
Available now is the most incredible Watchmaker bench I’ve ever worked on. Designed by myself (Dan Spitz) and Michigan Maple Block in an exclusive arrangement for manufacture. Please see the main page for the bench to learn more.   Read more – ‘Watchmaker Bench’.