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Ergonomic Perfection

Building upon my years of expertise sitting and teaching at Watchmaking benches around the world I bring to market a product that simply is a work of human art.

Since 1881

In cooperation with Michigan Maple Block who has been a premier top tier butcher block manufacturer since 1881 comes the only Watchmakers bench designed by a Master Watchmaker.

Worldwide Shipping

Using innovative overbuilt crating techniques we have shipped these benches across the globe. Please use the contact form for your shipping quote.



We accept PayPal, Credit Cards and other forms of direct deposit for out of country payments.

All payments are handled by Michigan Maple Block and Dawns Depot their distributor.

For inquiries please try the contact form. You may also contact Dawn directly via email at: dawn {at} dawnsdepot {dot} com.

You may request Watchmaker questions to Dawn via contact during ordering and she will have your Watchmaking Bench questions answered by Dan.

Yes we can help you with that.

The self healing mat is included, cut to shape and glued down to the bench top.

Yes we can custom upholster the arms with real leather and memory foam. Other textiles are also available.

Your freight quote is calculated during the ordering procedure based on your distance from Michigan Maple Block.

The slot for the Bergeon vice place has been carefully engineered to fit perfectly flush. You can send in your own Bergeon vice plate or we can bill you for a new one.


Standard 1 Bench Top

  • Contact For Shipping Quote
  • Always Crated
  • Three Inches Solid Hard Rock Maple
  • Perimeter Parts Groove Included
  • Hand Rubbed Finish
  • Options Available

Discount 3+

$2275Contact For Bulk Discounts
  • Contact For Shipping Quote
  • Always Crated
  • Three Inches Solid Hard Rock Maple
  • Perimeter Parts Groove Included
  • Hand Rubbed Finish
  • Options Available


3 Inches Thick
American Hard Maple
Designed by a Master Watchmaker
280 Pounds of Perfection
Worldwide Delivery

Building upon a 46 year legacy of sitting at Watchmaking desks around the world I decided it was time to partner with Michigan Maple Block a premier butcher block manufacturer to produce what I think is the finest Watchmaker bench available. The remarkably intuitive design combines an ergonomic center work area section that allows the Watchmaker to concentrate on his performance skills instead of being lost in a sea of discomfort. Ease of use and intelligently chosen reach points make it virtually impossible to not complete your task and problem solving micro mechanics in a smile and comfort!

Joe at Michigan Maple Block has the understanding, experience and insight from working as one of the  industry’s top maple block manufacturers. I’ve spent over one year of research, programming and two years of testing thereafter to secure the small ergonomic details for the Spitz bench.

At this price, there is no other Watchmaker bench made from the finest quality three inch thick American hard rock maple. Handcrafted in the USA, built like a tank, built to endure, the epicenter of your Watchmaker art will be the Spitz bench.

I wanted to produce a Watchmaker bench that was obtainable and could be built upon as cash flow allowed. The $10,000-$15,000  price tags of the Swiss offerings plus the shipping are just not in the cards for an independent Watchmaker or small multi Watchmaker business. In addition, the tops are less than half the thickness, they can’t source the American hard rock maple we have and are catastrophically priced for large corporations.

The Spitz bench is 3″ (that’s a solid three inches) thick butcher block top made from the finest USA hard maple available this side of a Fender Telecaster neck. Depth dimensions at ends and center section work area are 31″. Dimensions of total length are 72″. It weighs in at close to 280 pounds shipped and crated. This is massive, solid and beautiful.

All Watchmakers should have a great bench. The idea here is to purchase the Spitz bench and slowly upgrade as your funding allows you to. Grab a Spitz bench and a height adjustable hydrolic base to start, add in the drawers later. Upgrade to a vacuum system and blower later. Perhaps grab just a simple inexpensive X frame just to get going and grab the hydrolic stand later. The most important part to produce proper work with no fatigue or long term medical problems is the bench TOP and its height relationship to your body frame.

The unique shape of the center working surface has been thought out extensively. It leaves a wider mouth where your larger tooling sits at the back end. You can place the oil cups and screwdriver carousel  in or out and still have the extended main working surface clear of any intrusion. Precision angling the section out  from the rounded front edge where your chin often sits gives a Watchmaker the feeling of much more room to work comfortably. By the way that front edge where your chin and drool often sits is nicely rounded. Only a Watchmaker would go to that extent of thought.

The entire perimeter has a deep parts catching reservoir old school style. It’s saved me countless times, was a costly manufacturing upgrade, but necessary. I use the optional Bergeon vice on the left side for my Jacot tool. Simply send Dawn your Bergeon vice base plate or we can provide.

There are plenty of bases from crank hydraulic, electric hydraulic, to simple X frame mobile stands that can be used. Rolling drawer containers are an easy find. All of this saves you tens of thousands of dollars and gives you a Watchmaker bench that simply  has no equal I know of.  A little “do it yourself” ingenuity and you’ll be a very happy Watchmaker with the Dan Spitz bench.

I have just received the bench and I am extremely happy with it. I’ve never seen a piece of wood like it. Thank you for all your work with getting it sent over.

Very happy customer,

Mark from the UK

Love My Bench, Great design and it will outlast me. Very Stable, Great size. You can’t go wrong with this bench. 

Ken Goss

Ken from the USA

This has been a labor of love to produce, register and bring to market in my EXCLUSIVE partnership with Michigan Maple Block and Dawn at Dawns Depot (MMB’s distributor). I would also like to thank all the other wonderful people who had a hand in this at MMB who partake in the production of such a unique piece of fine Watchmaker furniture that is 100% manufactured in the good old USA !!



Worlds only 3 inch thick Michigan Maple Block Watchmaker bench designed by a Master Watchmaker. Shipping worldwide.

spitz red skull logo
Watch Bench 1

Approximately 280 pounds and three inches thick


We have an incredible amount of timber available. Yes, that truly is OUR wood.


Even the parts slot was endlessly thought out for its shape and depth


Michigan Maple Block uses the hardest American Maple there is


We don’t know how many hours goes into your bench. We just know perfection


The center section is where a Watchmaker lives


Ready to place an order or have further questions?. Use the contact form or contact below directly.


dawn  [at]  dawnsdepot  [dot]  com



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