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Composer . Film. TV. Gaming

Mixer ITB . Producer . Co Producer . Engineer . Writer

Three Grammy Nominations . 30+ Million Albums sold on 2 Planets . Music Composer

Playing on planet MARS on NASA Lunar Rover Curiosity
Anthrax Persistence of Time – Platinum RIAA

Playing on planet EARTH

Anthrax Among the Living – Platinum RIAA
Anthrax Fistful of Metal – Gold RIAA
Anthrax Armed and Dangerous – Gold RIAA
Anthrax Among the Living – Platinum RIAA
Anthrax Sound of White Noise – Platinum RIAA
Anthrax State of Euphoria – Platinum RIAA
Anthrax I’m the Man – Platinum RIAA
Red Lamb (w Dave Mustaine . Megadeth)
Anthrax Spreading the Disease – Platinum RIAA
Anthrax Attack of the Killer B’s – Platinum RIAA
Anthrax I’m the Man – Platinum RIAA

Link To Full Music . Platinum RIAA award Video Discography for Mr.Spitz

Film . Score . Composer . Credits

Adam Sandler – Air Heads – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Beevis and Butthead – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Arnold Swarzeneger – Last Action Hero – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Return of the Living Dead – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician

Television . Animation Credits

Ultimate Spiderman – Nickelodeon – Mixing . Music Creation
Married with Children – Co-Producer . Writer . Music Creation
Palm Harbor Vice – Co-Producer . Writer . Music Creation
Beavis and Butt-Head – Co-Producer . Writer . Music Creation
Dead at 21 – Co-Producer . Writer . Music Creation
Bert – Co-Producer . Writer . Music Creation

Gaming Credits

Up Shift Strike Racer – Mix . Writer . Musician
Guitar Hero – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Guitar Hero 2- Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Guitar Hero Live – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Grand Theft Auto – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Brutal Legend – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
Wrestlemania 21 – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician
WWE Smackdown – Co-Producer . Writer . Musician


Scoring Hire for Mr.Spitz

Music Scoring Inquiries 

Film . Television . Gaming . Sound for Software & Product Sales

Mr.Spitz is a legendary Composer working entirely In The Box. He is currently using cutting edge techniques  to deliver the sounds of a musical generation and genre’ of music he is responsible for creating called Thrash Metal. His music and musical style is implemented in television commercials, film, gaming, and sales of a broad range of products with a target demographic that has no boundaries. His sound creation simply sells what it is attached to.

Don’t settle for an imitation of a Thrash Metal or Speed Metal sound on your next Film or endeavor when you CAN hire the actual creator of the legendary Thrash Metal sound himself to  Score . Compose . Mix  . Collaborate . Deliver Guitar or Lead Guitar Stems for Compositions.

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