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CNN / Great Big Story Documentary on Dan Spitz

CNN / Great Big Story Documentary on Dan Spitz

CNN’s Great Big Story documentary on Dan Spitz

Please find a wonderful video documentary on my unique Master Watchmaking Swiss pedigree’s and the launching of my new band Voices Of Extreme. It is a pretty amazing Read more


Dan Spitz is a three time Grammy nominated multi Platinum recording artist selling more than 30 million albums for songs written & co-produced (Anthrax), the 1st heavy metal artist to have his guitar played on 2 planets (Mars & Earth). The song chosen by NASA is a song about "TIME" awakening the NASA Lunar Mars Curiosity Rover 2012, and all Martians, making Dan an intergalactic recording artist in the company of only 9 others such as the Beatles and Frank Sinatra (also chosen as the 10).

Dan is also a world renowned Swiss Certified Master Watchmaker of Mechanical Complications Specialist. He has worked on Swiss masterpieces not normally allowed for an American Watchmaker.

Danspitz.com is a way for you to follow and interact with his watchmaking and musical endeavors that bring Glory to Jesus Christ, while breaking new barriers to do so.

Dan is a single Father to identical mirror image twin boys with Autism and two beautiful daughters.

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Breaking News / Press Release: Dan Spitz 2016: As the new year chimes in much of what’s been behind the scenes will start to emerge as to my decision to play my electric guitar, as well as my tri-cone resonator’s and weissenborn lap slide guitars, on a full time basis. Read more – ‘Dan Spitz joins Voices Of Extreme Band’.
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