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I am pleased to present to you

Libre Excentrique

Single impulse Detent chronometer escapement

miniaturized for wristwatch

18.4mm Balance Wheel Extraordinaire

39.7mm Titanium USA made case

Limited to 29 unique souscription pieces

échappement Richard libre excentrique à ressort et irrenversable, circa 1860



My detent chronometer escapement is based on the above, by the great Louis Richard.

In my rendition of the open source escapement I’ve managed to make all parts from grade 5 titanium and expanded its reach to the balance extraordinaire. This includes the thinnest titanium spring in watchmaking that resides on the extended reach pallet arm used for impulse, shock resistance, and locking. The entire escapement is basically, weightless.

Some highlights are  a one piece solid titanium escape wheel, titanium extended reach single impulse pallet arm, titanium balance staff mounted impulse roller, and titanium small balance staff shock resistance safety roller. The movement plates consist of two full size mainplates machined in house from  solid German Silver bar stock. Steel flatwork and individual pinned bridges and cocks lie, thereafter.

The focal point of my timepiece is a captivating balance wheel, extraordinaire. It is 18.4mm and reminiscent of high grade vintage American pocket watch perched placement.  Simply magnificent and mesmerizing to watch in motion, in conjunction with the single impulse escapement. All in full view.

 Longevity of parts manufacture

The escape wheel will more than likely never wear out, chip a tooth, or show any wear, ever. Same for the extended reach pallet arm and its shock spring.  The escapement needs no oil on the pallet surfaces at all to execute its precision no draw, no loss, chronometer actions. No oil means no sticky pallet jewel faces to hinder time keeping precision, as in other types of production escapements. The single impulse escapement is too complicated, utilizing too many parts, to produce for mass produced watches.

Three years of full time development to execute perfection of this full titanium chronometer escapement and balance extraordinaire system.

For more information regarding the open source project “Échappement Partagé” I am part of alongside Luc Monet (artsmecaniques) and Cyril Brevet Naudot, Please see my ethos page.


“The combination of a 2nd tier placed large balance wheel and pivoted detent chronometer escapement are a mechanical marvel to watch in motion.” – Dan Spitz

Titanium detent escape wheel made in Dan’s atelier.

“Libre Excentrique is a very traditional timepiece utilizing a rare brocade guilloché in house made dial and dead accurate no draw no oil escapement.It will  stand the test of time, in both design and function.” – Dan Spitz


Movement: 34.2 mm chronometer detent single impulse escapement caliber

Wind: Manual wind

Frequency: 2.5hz/18,000 vpm

Plates: Raw German Silver main plates using material imported from Glashutte, Germany

Bridges and Cocks: Solid steel. Hand hardened & tempered from solid flat work.

Escapement: Chronometer detent single impulse containing all titanium parts

Specialized: Titanium escape wheel

Balance: 18.4mm 2nd tier balance wheel made from a proprietary metal

Hairpring: Free sprung with hand pinning

Jewel Settings: Gold center balance chaton for jewel

Winding:  Sonnerie, double spring, double secure locking, adjustable alignment

Train: Offset from center great wheel and cannon pinion. Wheel created with watchmakers topping tool style arms

Finishing: All finishing techniques done by hand. Cotes de Geneve, Perlagé, satine, black polishing, anglagé, etc.

Name plate: Solid Gold

Screws: Hand made from bar stock, tempered, annealed & hand blued under fire

Dial: Solid silver dial

Dial Particulars: Dial made on a circa 1911 Swiss Leinhard brocade guilloché machine

Hands: Hand made from flat steel stock

Case: 39.7mm three piece surgical titanium grade 5 case. Designed from the ground up by Mr.Spitz, specific to the timepiece. Manufactured in the USA

Limitations: 29 unique pieces with titanium case

Specifications subject to change on a per piece basis as all timepieces are unique to the collector.

Pricing:  Want to know more and join the souscription? Contact us

Approximately three (3) Libre Excentrique timepieces are made per year utilizing traditional tools and methods.

Pricing by souscription for a Libre Excentrique timepiece is done through the contact page.

My Swiss Leinhard brocading machine (circa 1911)  is used to make the guilloché dial. This machine is one of only two Leinhard machines known to be functioning and still be making dials. Number one is at Breguet in Switzerland. There is a third non functioning missing parts machine in a Swiss watchmaking museum. Number two has been restored and sits in my atelier working on your masterpiece.

Thank you for supporting independent watchmaking from the United States of America. I look forward to the long term friendship’s and wonderful journey we embark on together that evolve from building you a multi generational timepiece.