“Libre Excentrique”

Single Impulse Chronometer

Detent Escapement

 18.4mm 2nd Tier Balance Extraordinaire

Bespoke Unique Piece Masterpieces

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Traditional Watchmaking

Guided by his passion for high horology watchmaking, his uncompromising creativity, and a life’s journey of demanding new challenges, Master Watchmaker of complications specialist Daniel A. Spitz creates his own vision of micro-mechanical art within his own independent brand & manufacture atelier.

He tirelessly works alone creating unique masterpieces not like the others. A subtle blend of mechanical sophistication, extensive inventions, hand craftsmanship, and creative architecture bring forth a large part of his DNA.  He brings to the world mechanical art for the wrist that will last for centuries. 

The single impulse chronometer pivoted detent escapement timepiece “Libre Excentrique” has been the long term project by Dan and is currently available for ordering with books opening for 2024 onward, by souscription.

Fueled by passion for his art, incredible skills, traditional working methods and the knowledge he has garnered throughout his extensive career marks him as one of the world’s most coveted Master Watchmakers of complications specialist.

Independence and Passion

The atelier of Mr.Spitz is filled with vintage meticulously restored very rare watchmaking machines from watch factories and methods long gone. These beautiful extremely accurate specialized machines (themselves a work of human art) allow him the capabilities to manufacture all parts of a high end timepiece on site, he has no need to rely on outside sources. This independence allows him to build inner caliber components by hand operated machines, as watchmakers did centuries ago, building for centuries ahead.

He works extremely slow while placing his love and passion into each high horology timepiece, as a bespoke unique commission. Due to these ancient traditional hand crafting and hand finishing watchmaking techniques, machining on beautiful precise very old restored machines, and the complexities of the extensive use of vintage metallurgy’s, no two timepieces are exactly alike, helping to preserve the collectors vision of expression, as well as the masters.

His timepieces are an artistic expression of Mr.Spitz, loaned to the world, and worn by the select few.

Dan hand makes approximately three Libre Excentrique timepieces per year, alone in his atelier utilizing traditional tools.

Daniel A. Spitz

A Haute Horlogerie Caliber from the United States of America

Dan in his machine room where raw material becomes masterpieces of horology

Daniel A. Spitz works in his atelier as an artist utilizing skills he’s mastered over more than 40 years at his watchmaking bench. Heading up some of the largest Swiss timepiece companies mechanical complication workshops, a micro mechanical longevity consultant and test workshop for many of the big watch brands,  and also being a watchmaking instructor and course creator for these brands and their Watchmakers. He expresses his creativity with horological micro mechanical construction through horological art. His style hearkens back to a time lost, when we all built things to last. 


“Because my work utilizes traditional Watchmaking methods developed centuries ago and passed on to me, no two timepieces of mine can ever be the same. Although precision hand operated vintage restored machines (and more modern numerical) are used in my atelier, an incredible amount of hand work gauged only by my eye and years of experience are carried out manually, using files, and many made by hand tools.

Each creation is therefore fundamentally unique to it’s collector, and itself, and a serial number signifies this, accordingly. I’m more of a micro-mechanical inventor than Master Watchmaker and enjoy the insurmountable challenges ahead of me with each unique creation I design and execute.

Each one of us are imperfect and broken, I am not perfect, and so my mechanical art that is presented to each collector, and the world, reflects these same honors.”


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