Pakistani Immigrant Goes to a Led Zeppelin Concert, Gets Inspired to Become a Musician & Then Sells 30 Million Albums

My childhood friend and IMMIGRANT Sal is one hell of impact on the world and humanity.

This story begins before I helped create THRASH METAL music and shows the human ability to see no boarders. A musical artist even at youth has no perception 0f NOT Loving someone from another nation (or color). We just want to guide others to where extremely talented musicians are and have a voice to the world outside of crappy suit and tie monitored pop music. Sal’s LOVE within him would not have flourished into the mammoth ability he has now of saving human lives on a global level and his mission to eradicate Polio if he wasn’t at that American bus stop and met me. Sal doesn’t have to give me credit as he’s done countless times as well as in his number one best selling books. A prideful artist wouldn’t do that and I’ve seen too many to count who do. He has an unbridled ability to LOVE others and send that LOVE back where it once emitted a birth. He is a Blessing to this world.

We are both not simply musicians who got lucky in our art. We are very calculated in our cohesive “take a path NOT traveled before” attitude to obtain our goals. We have longevity in our stride’s and perseverance toward our outcomes. He is a Dr., Humanitarian and a Professor and I have some crazy Swiss degrees in Watchmaking, micro mechanical engineering and micro electronic engineering. Music (Led Zeppelin who also changed the world in their own way) was our common bond and the focus point of the beautiful life altering story of us standing together not knowing one another as children at a bus stop.

In music we don’t see race, color, visa’s, or political policies. We just see LOVE of one another. Me giving Sal the Led Zeppelin ticket (by the way that was the last time they played in NYC) shows not just how music can alter a singular life path but how two artists from an upstate New York town (one being an IMMIGRANT) can impact TWO PLANETS  simply with a piece of wood with strings and a voice.

If Sal had NO United States visa there would be no Rock in the middle east. Sal paved that road of being the first rock star there. He wouldn’t have save the human lives he has on his current path. That my friends is a wonderful human being that has NO LABEL. .and doesn’t need papers to apply anywhere.  Just LOVe one AnotHer, Please.


~Dan Spitz~

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Born in Lahore, Pakistan, he moved to New York at the age of 11. Being the “only overweight, brown, Muslim kid” in school, he lived in relative isolation–that is until Dan Spitz (later the guitarist of Anthrax) urged him “to get cool.” Cool came in the form of a ticket to a Led Zeppelin concert at Madison Square Garden, which kicked off, oddly enough, with “Kashmir.” .  .  . .