Dr.Ruth Westheimer Vacheron Constantine

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Dr.Ruth Westheimer 3

I do get a few celebrity watches in and can’t always gather the time to post them. This one is the famous television celebrity Sex Dr.s watch that we all know and adore. Kind of special to me as I was on her show with my mother once.

Dr.Ruth Westheimer 2

Dr. Ruth wears a Vacheron Constantine solid 18K gold model. This model has a wonderful caliber 1056 29 jewel movement. In addition you should be able to see it has a solid Platinum self winding rotor. There was extensive need for an overhaul and other problems associated with the movement. I really like this movements build quality and execution. I’m a big fan of Vacheron pieces from all eras.Just a short one that I thought you all would find interesting.

Dr.Ruth Westheimer 4

2 comments on ‘Dr.Ruth Westheimer Vacheron Constantine’

  1. arieladams says:

    Very interesting. I wouldn’t have pegged Dr. Ruth as a Vacheron Constantin person, but looks like she is – and the watch has seen some duty as well. Then again, she does have a penchant for mechanical toys. Thanks for the view Dan.

    • Daniel says:

      Yes, it has seen some serious duty ! It’s her daily beater. This movement can take anything you can throw at it. It’s bullet proof. Just normal wear and tear parts to be replaced and fine tuned. Pallet fork jewel adjustment / replacement on the pallet warmer micro adjusting warmer. Some auto gears, a second wheel jacot tool polish and burnish (pinion wore dry from a late service interval and no oil in cups). Some other odds and ends down deeper. Some other jewels turned oblong in shape for the same reasons. This can only be seen under fiber optic scope inspection after a complete strip down.

      My Dad also wore a Vacheron, so forgive me if I’m partial to this wonderful companies product and history. They do in fact have an incredible new facility in Switzerland. Do a google for some pictures of the Watchmakers area.

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