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Dan Spitz is a three time Grammy nominated multi Platinum recording artist, film, television, game music scoring composer, mixer, actor and producer selling more than 30 million albums with accumulation in partnership of more than 3 Billion Dollars in revenue stream for songs written, co-written, composed scoring & co-produced. He is the co-founding member of the legendary band Anthrax as well as having his music playing on planet MARS with NASA on the Lunar Rover Curiosity.

Dan is also a world renowned Swiss Certified Master Watchmaker of Mechanical Complications Specialist and Watchmaker Instructor. He holds some of the most coveted Swiss degrees in micro mechanical engineering. A former head of all of Chopard and Leviev Watchmaking and Instruction for NA. He has worked on Swiss luxury timepiece masterpieces not normally allowed for an American or Swiss Master Watchmaker. ..


Dan Spitz and Michaela Page (The Voice)

PS Paige-Spitz   “A 2 Piece Band That Hits Like A Soulful Freight Train” Michaela Paige – Vocals Dan Spitz – Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, Octave Mandolin PS represents musical art Born from God above to enlighten the world [...]

Red Lamb Video “Puzzle Box”

This is my new band "Red Lamb" second video. A song to bring awareness to the Autism epidemic spreading throughout our world. Help support the first band doing something about this by being part of Red Lamb and my mission.   http://youtu.be/rDQ9HbH5rJ0 Red [...]

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