If you have severe arthritis, I’m not quite sure sitting at a Watchmaker bench and playing with the tourbillon cage on this Jaeger Le Coultre is for you.

The gentlemen that was in charge of most of the creation of this piece is certainly very “Metal” looking. There are a few pictures of him floating around so do a google. His name is Eric Coudray and he works at JLC in Le Sentier. Basically this invention is sheer human art at the highest level. Without computers what you are looking at would of course never be a possibility to create at the perfection level of mass production (well mass production for a piece like this at least).


My favorite part of this watches movement is the sapphire covers for the two barrels that hold the mainspring. That is sick! I have worked on many hand carved ornate pieces that have the barrel exposed of course. Taking the metal away at this part of movement tends to make my job in service very complicated. The strength of the mainspring distresses the solid gold carved barrels and it takes hours to carefully bend and ease them back into form. The sapphire covers are just a wonderful addition to a watch this unique in design.


Simply genious!