rolex 2235When working on ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetuals it calls for extreme patience due to the smaller size of the movements parts. In addition, many testing procedures are quite different for the automatic unit on these.

They are more prone to damage and not timing correctly and need to be tested on different simulators than normal men’s models. The new 2235 movement proves to be the usual Rolex workhorse of course. Usually they are just in for tweaks at this point, but I had a strange one hit the bench and wanted to discuss this particular set of problems.

Rotor axles are a common repair on vintage Rolex models I’ve had the pleasure of servicing over the years (as you Watchmakers are aware), but the newer models are a bit less prone to the “wobble” or spacer wear. This one had an axle stamping loose at the rotor and many more problems as well. Extremely unusual for such a new watch.

In fact very puzzling (in theory).

More to come on this piece.

rolex 2235 fiber optic viewrolex 2235 repairrolex 2235 repair 2