An open letter to all the wonderful fans, friends and family that has shown me so much love during this trying time.

I am home and live to riff another day. For those who know me closely are quite stunned that something such as this can happen so suddenly to a person who has worked out each and every day of their life, strict diets of no red meat for so many years I can’t count, no drinking, no smoking and just an all around healthy person. Lately I had been having a shortness of breath during the mixing of the new CD. During a family trip to the Bronx Zoo for Brendan and Jaden’s B-Day, I was pushing a double stroller and suddenly felt extreme shortness of breath, as well as a feeling of a couple of the gorillas jumping out of their cages and strangling my chest from behind. Thinking this was simply Asthma or something Cardiovascular we left the Zoo and I did not seek medical attention. A few days later, during the twins’ check up at our Pediatrician’s office, I asked him to give a listen to my chest and he then insisted I head to the ER. Upon arrival at the Hospital most people were looking at me as though I was an alien, due to my age and health. After being strung up like a pin cushion for a day they decided I should have a heart test that injects dye throughout your heart to check for malfunctions. They found my main artery to my heart was more than 90% closed, as well as many other smaller arteries clogged and needing stints,  and immediately operated to fix this.

If I had not gone to see the monkeys at the Bronx Zoo and the insistence of our Pediatrician (Dr. Marc Habert), I am told I would NOT be here today. Thank all of you for all of your love and caring letters, emails and so much more.

I was placed here to give beautiful music to all of you and this is what I will do full time from this point forward. I was given a second chance to breathe, from God, and I will use this newfound opportunity to hopefully bring joy to others’ daily life. PLEASE, if any of you feel a pain in your chest or have extreme shortness of breath out of the ordinary seek medical attention immediately. I am a prime example of the last person on earth this should happen to. If it can happen to me, it can certainly happen to you.

Personal thanks to my brother Dave Mustaine for the funniest prayer going… Charlie, Frank, Scott (my Anthrax brothers forever) for such caring heart felt emails… Peter Baltes my brother, all the fans who wrote anything online on Blabbermouth or any other Metal news portals online.


I Love You All.