dscf9683Here is another Tourbillon with multiple complications that came in. It had a few unique problems so I’ll post this one.

It’s another Christophe Claret caliber (amazing execution of precision) that puts smiles on my face as I rip it down and diagnose the mysteries under all those tiny little parts. This one has some setting mechanism problems and a really weird Wolfs tooth problem on one of the gears. For those who don’t know what Wolfs teeth are I’ve included a picture of one of the gears in question during diagnostics under my fiber optic scope. You’ll only see this kind of gearing in extremely high quality movements because of the cost to cut the teeth in this fashion. If it’s cut right the wheel will be very thick. This added thickness and correct annealing of the metallurgy involved will yield such a precise mesh to the next gear that it’s simply incredible !

Notice the blue saphire jewels in the Tourbillon !

dscf9692 dscf9696

I’ve seen some chinese copies now but rest assured these are simply cosmetic junk. The addendum / deddendum  of these REAL Wolfs teeth gears have to be cut so precise. I love when I see a movement hit my bench that has this type of gearing in an area that really calls for it.


Can’t remember what else was making this piece malfunction. I do remember it wouldn’t make it the full 10 days on the autowinder and I had to go back in a few times. There were adjustments to the Tourbillon cage needed as well as a pallet fork on the Tourbillon cage needing the usual run through the cleaning machine and jewel adjust.

I am so blessed to be able to take these things apart and stare inside such miniature works of human art. Blows my mind. How about yours ?