Had a pair of double barrels come in for service. One had an out of round escape wheel. I was fishing for a while as newer pieces tend to not have this problem to often. In the vintage world of repairing Pateks and VC’s it’s a daily routine. I was fighting for a while with some other problems in the auto unit on the same watch and it still wasn’t hitting the diagnostic outcome I needed. This one would stop randomly and/or slow down on day 3 on an autowinder after closing her up. Someone was inside hacking away before me for sure. The balance hairspring needed hours of work. Out of round, out of flat and through the pins was really lean city !


Auto Unit 2

She purrs like you wouldn’t believe now. Double barrels are just incredible. These have a bunch of other complications so strip downs are extremely time consuming but I’ve done so many of these (I don’t post most repairs) that I’m really comfortable with these now. The dial on the other hand….. careful … careful ….. the crown on these watches are simply a work of an artisan. The diamond is a really pointy cut only Leviev can do. Crazy good work under the scope.



Auto UnitBack Two Double Barell's

out of round escape wheel